Salma Luévano, deputy of Morena, shaved herself in protest against Gabriel Quadri

Salma Luévano, deputy of Morena shaved his head in protest against the PAN Gabriel quadri de la Torre, due to the statements made by the politician against the LGBTTTIQ + community, as some users consider his comments as transphobic.

Through social networks, the deputy shared a forceful message and photographs while they cut her hair and expressed: “My sisterhood to my sisters who are victims of hate speech that almost always end in hate crimes … enough is enough, not one more” .

Previously we shared you in AmericanPost.News that Gabriel Quadri will seek the presidency of Mexico in 2024, at the time he expressed that he is ready to seek a viable and successful candidacy with the opposition coalition, but lately his comments have divided opinions.

Salma Luévano, deputy of Morena shaved her head

Salma Luévano, deputy of Morena Quadri shares a forceful message on Twitter

On Twitter, the deputy shared a forceful message addressed to the politician: “I hold you, Gabriel Quadri, responsible for what happens to us from now on. Hair grows, lives do not return ”. Luévano, who is part of the LGBTTTIQ + community, commented.

Behind the video that the deputy shared On social media, Morena’s coordinator in the Chamber of Deputies expressed solidarity with the protest and commented that the country is so democratic, that progressive minds coexist in the Chamber of Deputies.

What did Gabriel Quadri say on Twitter?

Quadri shares strong message on Twitter

The politician commented that the trans ideology has the objective of dehumanizing and objectifying women to turn them into pregnant people or people with a vagina, for which he urged not to allow it, which has caused various reactions from users who comment that their comments promote hatred.

Due to his forceful messages, users made a call to the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (CONAPRED) and condemned that the politician had won the federal deputation of the 23rd district.

He questioned whether women would let men dressed as women share spaces such as dressing rooms, in the same way he asked to be careful with the legislative agenda in favor of trans people, he also expressed his complaints towards the LGBTTTIQ + community, he assured that they have no other interest beyond the sexuality.

On the other hand, María Clemente García shared a publication to mock Quadri and said that the PAN is silent in the face of the politician’s hate speech, while Salma Luévano, deputy of Morena he shaved his head in protest against Gabriel Quadri for his blunt comments.

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