Salt Bae disguises himself as ‘The Godfather’ and announces the launch of his web-series: ‘The Salt Father’

Nusret Gökçe, known worldwide as Salt Baehas become one of the most renowned chefs in the world thanks to the theatrical way in which he salts his dishes. Something that has made millions of people share their videos of themselves viral on social networks.

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The success of the Turkish chef and butcher led to the opening of luxury restaurants not only in Istanbul but also in cities What Doha, New York, Mykonos, Miami or London. All of them very fashionable and highly requested by the most demanding clients and the most international celebrities.

Now, Salt Bae is once again at the center of attention, but not because of the hundreds of complaints and claims from its guests, but because it has been known that the owner of the luxury restaurant chain Nusr-Et has just announce the launch of their web-series. Through Instagram he revealed some details.

Salt Bae is a Turkish cook who owns the Nusr-Et restaurant chain. (Photo: Instagram)


“The long-awaited web-series is coming: “The Salt Father”. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of incredible content and the best quality meat”Salt Bae has written in one of his last stories On Instagram.

This series-web will be able to be seen through the social networks of the brazilian meat brand Margrif from next February 13.

“After the much talked about “The Godfather”, the most anticipated series is yet to come. “The Salt Father”. Get ready to embark on a variety of amazing content with the famous Salt Bae”the company said in a brief statement.

For now, the content that can be seen is totally unknown, but in the preview the Turkish butcher is seen emulating the character Vito Corleone from the legendary film “The Godfather”.

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Nusret, 38, currently has 17 restaurants in his chain and has a legion of celebrity devotees, including DJ Khaled, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham. He opened his London branch in October, with famous and influencers eager to taste the dishes of the Internet celebrity.

Recently, a millionaire who dined at the new London restaurant claimed via social media that “not worth it” and that the prices charged in the establishment are “exorbitant”.

Salt Bae's restaurant is offering a $2,000 gold-plated steak.  (Photo: Instagram)

Salt Bae’s restaurant is offering a $2,000 gold-plated steak. (Photo: Instagram)

Since Salt Bae opened his restaurant in London last September, more than one diner has been surprised by the excessive cost of table service, which came to 6,900 dollarsand numerous clients expressed their dismay about the accounts through social networks.

According to Chiraag Suchak, a 33-year-old millionaire, a meal at the restaurant isn’t even worth it. “How could a man justify charging $15 for a drink or $870 for a steak?”told the British outlet MyLondon about his experience at the Salt Bae venue.

However, the dozens of complaints and criticisms from customers against its premises located in the city of London have become quite frequent in recent weeks. So much so that even the most renowned gastronomic critics They have visited Salt Bae’s restaurant to comment on it.


The Turkish Butcher’s Restaurant Salt Bae in London opened last September and the London branch continue looking for jobs administrative positions such as cashiers and maintenance personnel, as well as positions in the kitchen such as waiters, sushi and grill chefs.

In most jobs have been published in an ad on the website staff with previous experience is requested. Here are all the positions and salaries that are offered:

  • Restaurant cashier – £13.00 an hour
  • Sushi Chef – £14.00 an hour plus tips
  • Cocktail Waitress – £15.00 an hour plus tips
  • Handyman – £13.00 an hour
  • Restroom Attendant – Competitive Salary

The positions and salaries offered by Salt Bae's restaurant in London.  (Photo:

The positions and salaries offered by Salt Bae’s restaurant in London. (Photo:
  • Boss sommelier – Competitive salary
  • Game Master – Between £12.00 and £13.50 an hour plus tips
  • Waiters/waitresses – £15.00 an hour plus tips
  • Busboy – Between £12.00 and £13.50 an hour plus tips
  • Grill Chef – Competitive Salary

Note: 1 pound sterling is equal to 1.36 US dollars


Salt Bae restaurant prices in London.  (Photo: Nusr-Et Steakhouse London)

Salt Bae restaurant prices in London. (Photo: Nusr-Et Steakhouse London)

Salt Bae restaurant prices in London.  (Photo: Nusr-Et Steakhouse London)

Salt Bae restaurant prices in London. (Photo: Nusr-Et Steakhouse London)