Salt Bae, the reason chefs season food from the top

Salt Bae, the reason chefs season food from the top

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe “Salt Bae” gained worldwide fame with his peculiar way of sprinkling salt on meat.

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Surely you ever saw the viral images of “Salt Bae”, a chef who sprinkles salt over meat in flamboyant style. The real name of the Turkish chef is Nusret Gökçe Y he is an expert in meat which has become known all over the world and even has fans.

The exercise of seasoning the meat from above with which Gökçe became world famous and earned his nickname is not an occurrence, although you may believe that it is mere theater, it is actually a practice that many cooks perform and that has a purpose.

Adding the salt as well as herbs and spices from above helps to season more evenly the food. You can use your fingers or a measuring spoon, whichever is more convenient for you.

The Cook’s Illustrated researchers experimented by spraying chicken breasts with ground black pepper from different heights: 4, 8 and 12 inches. It was shown that the higher the starting point, the more evenly the seasoning was distributed. Brisket seasoned from a height of 12 inches was the most evenly seasoned.

So seasoning food from a foot high above the cooking surface is sufficient. It is a good practice to season evenly, especially those foods that you will cook in a stationary way, that is, without stirring.

Spreading the seasonings without stirring reduces the risk of damaging delicate meats and vegetables. According to The Kitchn, spray from above It is also useful for learning how to season dishes without recipes. “You can see how much spice sits on the surface and draw conclusions about how well seasoned any bite on the plate will be.”

You don’t need to go too high as this will only cause the seasonings to come off the plate or pan. We can say that Salt Bae’s style of seasoning meat is peculiar; While acting and hype are strictly necessary, there are good reasons to spice up your meat and veggies from one foot up.

Sprinkling salt and spices from above can make a difference on your plate as the more evenly the seasoning is distributed, the better the food tastes.

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