Salt & Straw launches perfumes that you can spray on your ice cream or on yourself

Salt & Straw will launch three perfumes for ice cream, with cocoa, citrus and floral aromas.

Photo: SMarina/Shutterstock

Salt & Straw is a small ice cream chain that will be celebrating National Ice Cream Day by launching three perfumes that you can not only spray on yourself, but also on your ice cream, the first perfume of its kind.

These edible perfumes are intended to enhance the experience you can enjoy when eating your frozen dessert, although they do not directly intervene in the taste. Much of taste comes from smell, but according to Salt & Straw, most ice cream is odorless due to its super low temperatures.

For the launch of these unique perfumes, the ice cream brand worked with the Imaginary Authors perfumery. The two brands had previously worked together on an inedible perfume based on the smell of a freshly baked waffle cone.

Those in charge of developing the perfumes decided to focus on the three aromas that could comprise “the Neapolitan ice cream” of perfume. The three would be versions of citrus, floral and woody vanilla, although finally the aroma of vanilla and chocolate was changed.

The three scents available are Cloud of Cocoa, Swoon of Citrus, and Plume of Blooms. Cloud of Cocoa mimics the interior of a bakery, with notes of malted milkshake, chocolate and Japanese whiskey; Swoon of Citrus has hints of key lime pie, lychee and lemon and Plume of Blooms has hints of jasmine and honeysuckle.

To use the perfume it is ideal to spray the cone or bowl first and then add a little more perfume on the ice cream balls. You can then wait a few seconds to fully experience the aroma before taking your first bite.

The new edible perfumes will be available to order online at Salt & Straw and as toppings in stores. You can now get on the waiting list for when the perfumes launch on July 17, National Ice Cream Day.

A 65 ml bottle retails for $65a travel-size pack of three of each 10ml scent is $48 and for those who want to try before they scramble for a bottle, they can try a drizzle on their ice cream at retail for 50 cents.

Ice cream scents are innovative as they are not food-scented body fragrances, but edible scents that flavor ice cream and can be applied to the body.

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