Salvador Zerboni explodes after the Kiss of Vengeance in LCDLF2

The House of Celebrities 2 has a new controversy and it is that Salvador Zerboni and Osvaldo Ríos, starred in The kiss of revenge, because after the Puerto Rican claimed that it was Zerboni, who organized his nomination, I wish him luck so that he was not eliminated.

Then, both actors returned to interpret a clash within the reality show, because both were left again nominated together with Ivonne Montero and Rafel Nieves, for which Ríos complained and said that it had only been for a kiss.

Before that, the famous actor Salvador Zerboni attacked Osvaldo Ríos: “Why are you saying that everything for a kiss? It was also because of your betrayal. It was clear to you, right? You are nominated for that, for your harassment, for your abuse , for your betrayal and for many things that we can summarize for you,” he said.

LCDLF2 voltage builds

After this discussion, the tension grew without being able to avoid it and they argued strongly in the kitchen, since Osvaldo Ríos assured that he is the only one who has sought order and respect among the members.

So Salvador Zerboni kept nothing to himself and replied: “Everyone knows you, brother, that’s why you ended up where you ended up. Everyone knows what you are like,” he replied between shouts and remedies from his partner.

Receiving no response, he insisted again: “Your fame is greater as a prisoner than as an actor. I’m sorry, Puerto Rico regrets the nationality you have. I’m sorry, you should. You’re not showing off the things that You’re not. You’re a fake preacher.”

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Osvaldo Ríos was not silent

Kiss of Vengeance

It should be noted that without much importance, Osvaldo called him a hypocrite again and pointed out that it will be the public who decides the loser the following week: “Let’s see who they take out this week.”

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