Same-sex marriage and homoparental adoption are already legal in Switzerland

Swiss reported that the equality marriage and the homoparental adoption are already allowed from this July, 01these additions to the laws of the country were approved on September 26, 2021.

According to the information, the approved referendum would enter into force on the first day of July 2022, so that same-sex couples can register legally Your marriage.

As well as having the opportunity to co-adopt children, from January first The legal process of the document began, six months passed before it could be authorized as part of the legislation of the European country.

Details on the new Swiss law

Details on the new Swiss law Switzerland and monkeypox

In addition to same-sex marriage and the possibility that the couple can adopt, it has been established that Single Women either lesbian couples they will have access to assisted reproductive techniques, if they so wish.

Another characteristic of this new law is that if one of the members of the couple is Foreignyou will have the opportunity that your naturalization process be shorter and less expensive.

In AmericanPost.News We also inform you that Switzerland recently approved a legal reform that indicates that all citizens will be potential organ donors when they die.

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Switzerland and monkey pox

Switzerland and monkey pox

It was in May when Israel Y Swiss confirmed their first cases of monkey poxwith this they have joined the European and American countries that have detected cases of this disease in their population.

detected more than 100 cases confirmed or suspected of this virus, in places like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, as well as the United States, Mexico and Australia.

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