Samsung will charge $500 to users who want to put photos on their refrigerator

Each personalized panel has a cost equivalent to $250

Photo: Samsung / Courtesy

Samsung introduced a new customization option in its Bespoke line of refrigerators that will allow users to change the style of their products. In exchange for a payment of $500, customers can include any type of image on the doors of their refrigerators..

From the company they have specified that there is no limit to what your customers can put on their refrigerators, this includes photos of their children, landscapes, artwork, or even photographs of their own faces.

The customization option is expected to be available from the last months of the year. However, if the user already has a Samsung refrigerator from the Bespoke line, they can order the custom panels separately.

The delivery time of the panels is approximately 8 weeks (2 months) due to printing and shipping lapses.

The decision of the South Korean company to launch this possibility of personalization can become an excellent line of business taking into account that Bespoke refrigerators are one of the products with the highest sales volume for the brand.

It is not ruled out that in the event of a high volume of sales, Samsung will make the decision to extend this type of customization to other of its products.

Prior to this type of customization, the brand’s customers could only choose from a limited variety of colors and patterns..

choose your design

The process to define the personalized design that the refrigerators will carry is carried out by the users themselves. For it they must enter the Samsung page and upload the image(s) they wish to use.

Later the system will indicate the measurements of the double doors of the unit so that they can make the necessary adjustments to adapt the images to those dimensions.

Once the images have been edited, the person will have the opportunity to appreciate a referential image of what the refrigerator doors will look like after installing the panels

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