Samuel Affleck, son of Ben Affleck, crashed a Lamborghini at a Los Angeles dealership

Ben Affleck, Hollywood actor.

Ben Affleck, Hollywood actor.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. /Getty Images

After the news that represented the supposed clandestine wedding of Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck just weeks before he gave her an engagement ring, the Hollywood actor has had a tremendous scare with his little 10-year-old son, Samuel Affleck. He mounted himself on a Lamborghini at a dealership in the city of Los Angeles and ended up crashing it slightly against a BMW.

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What at first seemed like an innocent and riskless transgression ended up causing a crash between two luxury vehicles and large displacement. It seems that Actor Ben Affleck allowed his 10-year-old son Samuel to get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini during his visit to a Los Angeles dealership so that he would begin to become familiar with such a car, specifically with the reverse of the car.

When performing this maneuver, Samuelyoungest son of Ben Affleckdid not control distances very well and got too close to a BMW that was parked right behind. Finally, both cars ended up colliding and the little boy got a big scare from the crash, much greater than the true consequences of the collision. As a representative for the artist confirmed to Entertainment Tonight: “Everyone is fine” and none of the cars suffered any visible marks after their brief contact.

Other sources have assured the medium TMZ that Samuel Affleck decided for himself to get into the car, a Lamborghini yellow, and experiment with its gears and pedals, all with the fateful outcome of the crash. The same news portal indicates that Ben Affleck was quick to wrap his arms around his little boy to console him for the results of his addition to personally verifying that both vehicles areand were in perfect condition despite the crashas it was.

The love of Jennifer Lopez and actor of Hollywood, with whom he already had a media romance in the early 2000s, has defended on several occasions the paramount importance that his responsibilities as a father have for him. After a long period of personal instability, marked by his divorce from Jennifer Garner and his addiction to drink, the interpreter is very clear that the well-being of his children is his top priority, which is why he makes more and more efforts to become the “best possible father”.

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