Samuel García reveals the reason for the “adoption” he made with Mariana Rodríguez

Governor of Nuevo Leon Samuel Garcia Sepulveda issued his opinion after criticism for living for a weekend with a five month old baby de Capullos and ruled out having violated the law by requesting a permit for him and his wife, Mariana Rodriguez They will take the minor home.

In an interview for Milenio, the president assured that the permission requested from the ‘Capullos’ Social Assistance Center for coexistence with the minor was within the law, for which he responded to calls from the National Human Rights Commission of Nuevo León, the Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico (Redim).

“Of course, everything is in accordance with the law, they are figures that both the General Law of Children and Adolescents, the Organic Law of the DIF itself establish,” replied the governor after Save the Children declared García Sepúlveda and Mariana committed a crime of deal with the baby.

Why did Samuel García and Mariana “adopt” the baby?

The president lived with the minor for a weekend. The governor of Nuevo León with his wife.

By emphasizing that it was not an adoption, but only coexistence with the minor, the president pointed out that there are figures in civil legislation, which are completely in disuse, such as foster care, coexistence, parental authority, custody, which allow living with minors.

“So, for now, what I can tell you is that everyone is going to vent. Everything is in accordance with the law, and very good things are going to come out, and we are going to change your life to all children,” he said. Governor of Nuevo Leon.

Also, the husband of Mariana Rodríguez said he was in talks with Arturo Salinas, head of the Judiciary, to employ public policies and reforms that guarantee this care to minors. Reason why it is believed that the president lived with the baby for a weekend.

“What I can tell you is that there is going to be very good news very soon, we are going to really change the lives of all these girls and boys from the DIF…we are going to set up work tables with judges from the family with the purpose of applying public policies and reforms that accelerate, and above all, raise awareness of the DIF issue”, he detailed.

Who is the wife of Samuel Garcia?

The governor of Nuevo León with his wife.

Mariana Rodríguez Cantú, wife of Samuel García Sepúlveda is a Mexican businesswoman and model. As we announced in AmericanPost.News, Since October 4, she has been the first lady of Nuevo León and head of Amar a Nuevo León, a decentralized administrative agency of the state government.

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