Samuel Umtiti will continue to be linked to FC Barcelona until 2026

Photo: David Ramos / Getty Images

The future of defender Samuel Umtiti suffered an unexpected turn once again, but this time in a positive way for both sides. In the first instance, the Frenchman will continue to be linked to FC Barcelona until June 2026; While the Catalans will be able to register Ferran Torres, who landed in Spain a couple of weeks ago from Manchester City.

Another positive point is that Umtiti considerably lowered the tab that he was going to receive in the year and a half that remained of his contract. This gesture served so that Joan Laporta could finally register Ferran Torres, one of his most promising signings.

The world champion has lived through a true horror movie after being crowned in Russia 2018 and this is due to his innumerable injuries and the poor performance he has shown when he is on the field. However, the gesture of reducing his salary considerably helped the club and the top leaders.

Now, the next steps for the Frenchman will be to earn the trust of manager Xavi Hernández in the upcoming games. In addition to recovering 100% his physical conditions and thus returning to be one of the best defenders in the world when he began his journey in Spain.

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