San Diego Zoo Safari Park celebrates 50 years by surprising a visitor with a gift that will last a lifetime

This May 10 not only did the mothers celebrate in many Latin American countries, but the San Diego Zoo Safari Parkwho reached the age of 50. But this date and this figure did not go unnoticed by the Safari Park, no. On the contrary, they celebrated with the attendees and also gave a very special gift to a 10-year-old boy, who came to have a great time with his family and received an unexpected gift that will also last him a lifetime.

“As festive music played and Safari Park employees and entertainers welcomed attendees, a surprised visitor, 10-year-old Ethan Kemerling and his parents, Stacy and Eric, were greeted by Lisa Peterson, Safari Executive Director. Park,” says the press release.

But what was it that happened? What was the gift? It turns out that Peterson informed Ethan that he was the 50th guest to enter the Safari Park. and gave him a gigantic membership card for life of the “San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance”. It has been confirmed to us that this surprise gift allows Ethan, who lives in Fargo, North Dakota, unlimited visits to Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo, where he can explore and connect with wildlife for years to come.

“As we celebrate Safari Park’s 50th anniversary, I’m honored to welcome all of our guests today and give special recognition to Ethan, our 50th guest entering the park this morning,” said Peterson.

He also added, “We have an amazing day planned for him and his parents. We believe that an encounter with wildlife can transform a child’s dreams into a passion for changing the lives of endangered animals, and we hope this special day filled with memorable moments will do exactly the same for Ethan.”

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