False bomb threat at San Germán campus, Puerto Rico: INTER student charged with three counts

The 22-year-old Jerome Alberto Arroyo Pérez, who impersonated an FBI agent, was charged this afternoon.

The Department of Justice filed charges today against Jerome Alberto Arroyo Pérez, responsible for a fake bomb threat at the Inter-American University (INTER), San Germán campus.

According to reports, the 22-year-old INTER music student was charged with three charges: threat, imposture, and possession and transfer of forged documents.

According to the investigation, last February, the student told agents from the Police Explosives Unit that a man of approximately 40 years of age, dark-skinned and with long hair, told him that he was going to put a bomb in a package in The enclosure.

Given this situation, its emergency protocol was activated, and the facilities were evacuated. However, the information turned out to be false.

Similarly, the young man identified himself to the authorities as a federal employee and was wearing a Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) coat. This also turned out to be false, for which Arroyo Pérez was placed under arrest.

The judge of the Court of First Instance of Mayagüez, Luis Padilla Galiano, found cause for arrest for all the crimes charged and imposed a bail of $6,000, which he provided”, detailed prosecutor Vanessa Rivera Morales.

The preliminary hearing was scheduled for April 17.