Sandra Bullock talks about “romance” with Keanu Reeves

Two of the most internationally recognized actors are the Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, and Keanu Reeves, who have decades of artistic careers, and who have worked together on a couple of occasions.

Famous people met on the set of “Maximum speed” in the year 1994, and both felt a romantic attraction, but preferred to remain as friends.

In that sense, Esquire magazine questioned the actress who by the way, recently returned to work with Ryan Reynolds, about her romance with Reeves.

What did Sandra Bullock say about Keanu Reeves?

The actors were in love with each other and didn’t know it.Sandra Bullock would like to work with him again

The famous one assured that, although in the past there were feelings for both parties, they preferred to keep everything in a friendship, since both loved each other so much as to ruin it with a romance.

Of course, he believes that, had they tried a relationship with the actor from The Matrix, a film whose return will be very soon, both would have respected each other and, if they had failed, they would surely have survived their friendship.

“Keanu is a guy who, I think, is friends with all the women he dated. I don’t think there is anyone who has something horrible to say about him, so maybe we could have survived, “he said.

You want to work with him again

Sandra Bullock would like to work with him again

Sandra Bullock, who recently introduced his daughter Laila assured that he would love to go back to Keanu Reeves, because he wants to feel that chemistry that characterizes them.

“I would love nothing more than to do a comedy with Keanu before we die, just laughing with him. He is funny. It might be 75 years old and it would be even better then as a grown-up Cocoon playing two funny old men. A road trip, ”he said.

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