Sandra Muente wants to order her first baby with her husband Ricardo Núñez

The singer Sandra Muente showed her desire to become a mother and indicated that she plans to order a baby with her husband Ricardo Núñez, with whom she has a relationship of seven years and 18 months of marriage.

She also said that she is enjoying her married life to the fullest with her husband, whom she married in Mexico during the pandemic. “How about my married life Very well and super happy. My husband is the best, we have been together for 7 years, but we have been married for a year and a half, so we are super happy and we want to continue committing ourselves day by day so that things go better”, said Muente, who attended the first drone show organized by Cerveza del Pacífico in Barranco.

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So, wanting to call the stork?

we would like We are really looking forward to it, it is something we have in plans, but we are still seeing if it is a good time now due to the whole issue of the crisis that is being experienced by the pandemic. We want to be calm and not expose ourselves too much, so in the near future it will happen.

I mean, at any time the stork can knock on your door?

If only. If you touch it, I don’t mind.

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You are pregnant?

No. We’re seeing what happens, if it shows up… great.

What comes with the music?

I’m super excited because I’m working on a release that’s coming out in three weeks, it’s a new song that’s coming out for the month of love and friendship so we’re working on that. I hope the infections go down so I can return to the stage.


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