Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor How did the love that will now make you parents come about?

Recently Santa Fe Klan and maya nazar They announced that they will have a baby, this despite the fact that they have been together for a very short time and there are still no wedding plans, but do you know how they fell in love? Here we tell you their story of love!

On AmericanPost.News We reveal that both the rapper and Maya are 22 years old and claim to be a couple who love each other very much, will it be an eternal love?

Previously we told you when he was guarded with armed escorts and dogs; however, now we will tell you how he conquered his current girlfriend and future mother of his son.

This is how the Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor met

It is known that the first to want to be with Maya was the rapper, who made the first move and sent messages to the influencer, who for a long time never responded to her messages, until they met in Mexico City and from there the chemistry made them inseparable.

After their first meeting, the singer decided to propose to her in August 2022 that she be his girlfriend, decorating the exterior steps of the Juárez Theater with many balloons, before this the young woman accepted and after 8 months of love, they announced that they will have a baby, these were the rapper’s words:

“Welcome to the world my son, here I wait for you son to take care of you and your mother forever.”

What are the names of the members of Santa Fe?

Angel Jair Quezada Jasso. Photo:

He is only one member and his name is Ángel Jair Quezada Jasso, he came to the world in Guanajuato, Mexico on November 29.

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