Father of Ángel Quesada (aka Santa Fe Klan) injured in Christmas Day altercation

Guanajuato rapper Ángel Quesada's father and an escort injured in Christmas Day shooting following neighborhood dispute.

On Christmas Day, an escort and the father of popular Guanajuato rapper, Ángel Quesada (also known as “Santa Fe Klan”) were reportedly shot and wounded following a neighborhood altercation.

While local authorities have yet to confirm the incident, they did confirm that a gunshot wound was reported in the Plaza de Toros area, where the rapper’s parents reside. According to the authorities, the injured individual was transported to a hospital in the municipality via private vehicle for medical treatment.

However, according to local media sources citing neighbors of the area, Ángel Quesada’s father, Ricardo Quesada, apparently got into an argument with neighbors, though the motive remains unknown.

Following the altercation, Ricardo returned to his home on Bufa Street in the Santa Fe neighborhood, seemingly ending the conflict. Yet, moments later, the opposing party is said to have gone to his house and fired upon those inside.

The shots reportedly struck Ricardo, grazing his arm, and one of Ángel Quesada’s bodyguards, who was injured in the leg. The bodyguards also fired back at the assailants, who fled the scene upon being shot at.

It was reported that while Santa Fe Klan was with his family at home on Christmas Eve, he was not present at the time of the shooting.