Santander alerts customers, their data is in danger for this reason

The Santander customer data is in dangeras they could fall into the hands of criminals due to a fraudThis is how the bank warned it, asking its users to stay alert and not respond to calls or text messages supposedly sent by the bank.

The financial institution reported that they are not sending text messages to notify of an alleged Amazon charge, so they asked users not to respond to the message as it is a scam.

The bank reported through a statement that cybercriminals have supplanted the identity of the financial institution to obtain users’ bank details, for which he asked not to respond to calls or messages from strangers.

Fraudsters impersonate the identity of the bank by messages

This type of scam known as phishing or smishing They have been registered throughout the year and now the Internet Security Office, in Spain, has reported that they are sending messages that supplant the identity of the Santander bank.

The purpose of this message is guide victims to a fake web page, quite similar to the real one, in order to obtain the bank details of the users. The message uses as an excuse an alleged charge of 215 euros from Amazon and ensures that to cancel said charge, you must access the link that is attached, but it is a fraudulent link requesting the PIN and password to access the account.

As we have revealed, this type of scam is known as smishing, and the goal is for criminals to obtain the personal information of the client in order to withdraw money in his name or make purchases with your account.

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How to call Santander?

The bank has asked its customers not to provide bank information over the phone

Banco Santander makes the SuperLínea available to its customers, with which you can talk to an executive to consult information or to contract a service, for this you must call the number 55 5169 4300, which is available nationally. If you receive a message or call from the bank and you think it is a scam, you can also call the SuperLínea to report what has happened.

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