Santiago Baños makes a hasty promise to the fans of the Águilas del América: he will bring another trophy to the Coapa showcase in 2022

Photo: Álvaro Paulin / Imago7

Already Confirmed the continuity of the ‘Tanoneta’ with Fernando Ortiz at the helm of the Águilas del Américathe board plans what will be the next Opening Tournament 2022.

In this sense, the azulcrema sports director Santiago Bathsone of the most criticized during the failed period of Santiago Solari that left the club in the last places of the closing, He promised the fans that they will take the 2022 Apertura trophy to the Coapa showcase.

In his account on the social network Twitter, Baños assured that the necessary movements will be made so that the prestigious institution meets the demands of its fans to be the protagonist and winner in Mexican soccer.

A weak point of America in the Closing was the weak offensive capacity. The clearest example of this was the second leg against Pachuca, a match in which they were humiliated 3-0 away without creating any danger for the Tuzos’ goal.

He also made a general call for the institution of Coapa: all areas of the club must go in the same goal of capturing a new title.

“All the areas of Club América are working for the greatness of our institution. We build leading and winning teams. Our effort is for and for the fans”Santiago Baths

A scorer, pending note in the direction of America

For almost eight seasons, America has not recorded a scoring champion in Liga MX. The last one was Christian ‘Chucho’ Benítez for Closing 2013.

Of the Azulcremas forwards, Federico Viñas is saved for his game, since he only scored once, and Alejandro Zendejas who showed his best version with six goals. Very low marks for Henry Martin (3), Roger Martínez (3) and Juan Otero (1).

A long summer is coming and many movements in the offices of the Eagles, while the players enjoy their short vacations.

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