Santiago Giménez broke the silence and spoke about his conflict with the Feyenoord captain


Santiago Giménez has been in Dutch football for a very short time and has already been the protagonist from two points of view. The goals of the Mexican they have placed it as one of the great surprises of Feyenoord, but his ambition has cost him dearlyespecially with his partner and captain Orkun Kökcü.

After the controversial penalty charged by “Bebote” against Lazio in the UEFA Europa League, problems broke out in the club. The Turkish footballer showed his indignation at the attitude of the former Cruz Azul attacker when ignore the pre-established rules for charges of this style.

Kökcü was very harsh with the young soccer player from El Tri and exposed it publicly. This made Feyenoord’s own coach, Arne Slot, will take action on the matter and talk to both players to prevent the locker room from starting to rot.

Santiago Giménez broke the silence

After several days of uncertainty, the “Bebote” expressed his point of view about what happened and revealed how his relationship with his partner in the Dutch team, Orkun Kökcü, was.

It was not that bad. The media has made it bigger than it is. Our relationship has always been perfect”, sentenced the former Liga MX attacker for ESPN.

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