Santiago Giménez warned, what happened after the incident between the Mexican and Orkun Kökcü?

It’s been a few days since Santiago Giménez’s mishap with the footballer and captain of Feyenoord Orkun Kökcü. The Mexican decided to kick a penalty against Lazio even though it was preset that other players would have that feature. The Turkish player’s annoyance became public, and his coach had to intervene.

Even though before the cameras, it is seen that both footballers have already smoothed out their rough edges, the truth is that the strategist Arne Slot had to put a heavy hand on this incident. The season is starting, and the Feyenoord manager can’t let the locker room atmosphere get out of hand.

The three of us discussed it after the match in Romein that conversation, I gave my opinion very emphatically. Then, I did it individually with Santi and Orkun. It was a learning moment for both players, and it is good to see how they have resolved it towards the group”, the strategist stated at a press conference.

Santiago Gimenez is on

After the conflict, both footballers scored in the Eredivisie. But the Mexican’s goal came from the bench in the 3-0 win against Sparta. With this last note, the Mexican already has 4 goals and 1 assist in 5 games played. The striking thing about the case is that the Aztecs have only been on the field for 84 minutes.