Sao Paulo’s star dentist Rafael Puglisi loses life in a pool accident at his Barueri home

Celebrity clients mourn the unexpected loss of Rafael Puglisi, their beloved dentist, in Sao Paulo home mishap. Neymar was one of his clients.

The global dental community is mourning the untimely passing of Rafael Puglisi, renowned as the “dentist to the stars.” At 35, he tragically lost his life in a pool accident at his Barueri, Sao Paulo residence. The grievous news was revealed by his family via social media, accompanied by the official death certificate.

According to the family’s statement, Puglisi sustained severe cranial trauma while diving into his pool. The impact was so intense and in such a critical location that medical professionals could not save him even though they were immediately on the scene.

“We are grieving. This morning, Rafa went for his usual swim. He was at home, getting ready to dive into his pool—a daily routine for him! But today, God had other plans, and Rafa hit his head,” read the heartfelt message shared by the bereaved family. They continued to remember him, stating, “His dream was to constantly surpass himself and gain worldwide recognition for his professional accomplishments.”

A further elaboration on the incident was provided, highlighting the severity of the injury: “He suffered a forceful cranial trauma after his head collided with the bottom of the pool. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, they couldn’t save his life.” The family’s touching conclusion resonates deeply: “We have gained an angel in our lives, and the heavens have welcomed another star.”

The legacy of the “celebrity dentist”

But why was Rafael Puglisi called the “dentist of the famous?” Throughout his illustrious career, Puglisi tended to many celebrities, including Whindersson Nunes, Rodrygo Goes, Jade Picon, Larissa Maonela, and even the renowned Neymar. This star-studded clientele played a pivotal role in Puglisi, amassing a staggering 4 million followers on Instagram—a testament to his popularity and expertise.

His rapport with his esteemed clients was such that Real Madrid’s player, Rodrygo Goes, didn’t hesitate to express his grief publicly. “I can’t believe it. Rest in peace, brother,” Rodrygo penned on his Instagram stories, a testament to the profound impact Puglisi had on those who knew him.

The world has undoubtedly lost a prodigious talent. May Rafael Puglisi rest in peace.