Sara Corrales stripped of her shirt and shows her bra in the new season premiere of Me Caigo De Risa

The Colombian performer almost show her breasts due to an oversight and her reaction sparked laughter in the Dysfunctional Family.

After months of waiting, a new season of Me Caigo De Risa finally premiered a TV show that has conquered the public despite the constant changes that the Dysfunctional Family has undergone. As in previous occasions, the production counted with the special participation of personalities of the national artistic milieu who accepted without imagining that they could go through an embarrassing moment.

Such was the case of Colombian actress Sara Corrales, who suffered a mishap during the second program of this new season, which aired last Tuesday, June 6th. She did not consider the conditions of the game and, from one moment to another, ended up showing her bust accidentally.

(YouTube: El 5)
(YouTube: El 5)

It all started when Faisy presented Cadena de Pelos, a dynamic in which the participants had to stand in front of some blowers that would only be activated if they answered wrongly the sequence of words he would present.

Mariazel, Mariana Echeverría, Ricardo Fastlitch, and Sara Corrales put on their respective wigs and took their places. The game began as soon as the host explained the instructions: “Jugo V…).

(YouTube: El 5)
(YouTube: El 5)

The first one to try to answer was Mariazel, who, under the pressure of the moment, did not link the words. The star of Mi Camino es Amarte continued with the game but also could not follow the sequence and pronounce the word “green”, so the blower was activated, accidentally lifting her white shirt, and her beige bra was in the frame.

The Colombian could only bend down to pull down her shirt while being helped by Mariazel, and Faisy tried to divert attention.

“What was that all about?” asked Sara Corrales between laughs.

(YouTube: El 5)
(YouTube: El 5)

“First, even though it’s flesh colored, it does bring. Sorry. Sara, you have to hold on to here (waistband of his pants) and try not to stick so much here (edge of the blower), or yes, do whatever you want,” warned the host.

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Everyone took the embarrassing accident suffered by the Colombian actress with humor and continued with the dynamic, although Faisy did not hesitate to mention it every time she was asked: “I can’t even look you in the eyes anymore because images come to me. How nice to be you”.

La modelo nunca para de sorprender con sus repentinos cambios / @saracorrales-Instagram
The model never ceases to amaze with her sudden changes / @saracorrales-Instagram

Everything seemed to be going smoothly when it happened again. Sara Corrales’ blouse went up to her neck as soon as she received the pressurized air, and she justified herself by assuring that she had already bandaged everything, but apparently, she didn’t do it right.

“I like your tan; congratulations,” Faisy commented while the others laughed non-stop.

Lucerito Mijares slapped her mom.

The accident that Sara Corrales suffered was not the only moment this season that has gone viral on social networks. Lucerito Mijares and Lucero also experienced an unexpected encounter in a dynamic.

Mother and daughter were the special guests of Me Caigo de Risa’s first program, which aired last Monday, June 5, on Channel 5. During their stay, they confronted each other face-to-face with cards, and whoever drew a card of lesser value had to slap the other with a flour tortilla.

Lucero fue golpeada por Lucerito Mijares (Youtube Me caigo de Risa)
Lucero was slapped by Lucerito Mijares (Youtube Me Caigo de Risa)

Lucero won the first round against her daughter, but the results changed in the second round, as the young singer and actress got everything in her favor. Lucerito grabbed a tortilla and, without measuring her strength, slapped her mother in the face, which resounded in the forum and left everyone surprised.

As soon as both realized what had happened, they could not hide their shock; La Novia de America was perplexed, while Lucerito Mijares left the forum as if she was scolded.