Sara García and the courage she had for Anita Blanch for several years that she even stopped talking to her

Sarah Garcia She was one of the most important actresses of the Golden Age by representing Mexican women to the fullest in their various stages, but her phase as a grandmother made her a legend, because she had charisma, sweetness, but above all that love for children. and grandchildren, but not everything was like that in real life.

For those who did not know in real life, Sara García was a woman of strong character who always tried to defend her ideals, although sometimes her temperament did not help her at all, because on one occasion she stopped talking to another actress for a long time. of that generation, it is about Anita Blanch, with whom he got angry and all because he won several card games in a single afternoon.

It was several years that the Granny of Mexico stopped talking to Anita Blanch, although it is not known if they bet money or not on the pride and courage of the Mexican actress, but with Spanish ancestry she was much stronger than everything, so not just anyone. I would confront this icon of cinema.

In spite of everything, the famous one was always very disciplined in her work, because she reviewed all her scripts forwards and backwards, she also looked with whom she was going to share credits, because working with her was a very great achievement that few actors of the time they could be given by being backed by the role of the exemplary Mexican granny.

One of the genres that Sara García liked to interpret the most in the cinema was comedy, which she always considered one of the most difficult, since making the public laugh was not an easy task, but she was very good at it. Well, it was something natural that I had been wearing for a long time.

“Silent movies, sound movies, color movies; how many good actors are there who have gone through those 3 stages? The Sara García thing has a lot of merit, what a great actress”, “Excellent actress. I grew up with her image of granny, she even It seemed to me, granny. His personal life does not take away his greatness, “the networks write.

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