Sara Maldonado assumed being a ‘murderous woman’ and asks not to normalize violence against women

The Mexican actress is back and talked about Alejandra, the character she will play in the episode that closes season 4 of 'Mujeres Asesinas'

Sara Maldonado has lived through very complicated moments in her life, and this plunged her into a depression from which she has been able to recover after suffering her partner’s infidelity, something for which she even felt guilty, so her participation in the series “Mujeres Asesinas 4” has helped her to realize and ask that violence against women should not be normalized.

The Mexican actress, famous for starring in melodramas such as “El Juego de la Vida” and “Mundo de Fieras “3, both Televisa productions, admitted that working in the successful series meant taking on the challenge of being a “murderous woman,” but what was relevant was how she built her character.

Interviewed during the “Mujeres Asesinas 4” presentation, Sara Maldonado revealed more details about the episode she stars in this new season, where she will play Alejandra. In a way, she identifies with her character.

She will be Alejandra in “La Condena”.

The episode in which the Mexican actress will appear will be the closing episode of the fourth season of “Mujeres Asesinas” and will be called “La Condena,” which will premiere on December 23 through the ViX+ platform.

“‘Mujeres Asesinas’ is a very important project, it is a series that has been very successful for many years and this season comes completely renewed by ViX Plus, all cases are real-life cases, my character is Alejandra, my chapter is ‘La Condena,’ she is a working woman, with dreams and illusions, who falls in love, unfortunately, with the wrong man,” mentioned the actress.

“She begins to, what often happens, to confuse love with passionate love and becomes a victim of violence. For me, it is a very important project in my career and personally because when I did all the work to build Alejandra, thanks to the director and a friend who is a psychologist in the Santa Martha prison, where women who are convicted of killing, murderers, are kept, it had a great impact on me,” added Sara Maldonado.

The star of “Las Malcriadas” admitted that she could not understand until then how a woman could stay in a violent relationship “and not turn around and leave. That’s what I thought I was, and I started to ask myself a series of questions where I began to feel a lot of things, and I realized that I have also been part of that violence. What happens is that I had it completely normalized.”

The actress said they would all do catharsis with a little more research on the subject because the figures show seven out of 10 women are victims of violence. She also pointed out that women should not feel responsible for infidelity, as it happened to her in her previous relationship.

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“The most important thing is not to feel guilty, because you feel guilty, to get out of being isolated because what you do is to turn away, look for help, and there are many groups and many foundations that can help you, there are thousands of women, then see that you are not alone and that you can get out. I am not afraid,” she said.