Sara Maldonado boasts a great body after undergoing two cosmetic surgeries

Sara Maldonado boasts a great body after undergoing two cosmetic surgeries

A few weeks after having undergone a double cosmetic surgery, Sara Maldonado she’s more than ready to show off her new look on social media, just like she did this weekend.

With a series of images shared on her official Instagram account, the Mexican actress who is remembered for her participation in ‘Corazones al Limit’, ‘La Reina del Sur’, and ‘Camelia La Texana’, boasted how spectacular it looks after having been made a couple of cosmetic procedures, which he decided to do to improve his physical appearance.

As he confessed last July during a live broadcast with his followers on social networks, visiting the operating room was a decision he made after meditating for a long time, as he decided to remove the breast implants that he placed at the age of 20, since your prostheses are quite old and it could bring you problems to maintain them, because according to your doctors they may expire.

A few weeks after the surgery in which they also performed a very simple liposculpture In which they only removed all those annoying chubby, the 41-year-old actress revealed her new image within the same social network.

Wearing a black top let see with a daring selfie who is more than ready to show off her new figure.

Although going into the operating room was not an easy decision because he had many doubts about it, including the reaction of his audience and the message he was going to convey; finally chose to do what makes her happy, however, her plan has also left a smile on thousands of followers who admired her spectacular figure that boasted with a snapshot more, in which he appeared wearing only a provocative body black color.

The television star has never had a problem showing herself natural, which is why she continually delights the pupil of her loyal fans, with whom she has shared other sensual shots in which she has posed in tiny bikinis.

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