Sarah Jessica Parker was obstinate in criticism for her gray hair and responded forcefully to users of social networks

Sarah Jessica Parker defended her gray hair.

Photo: Daniel Pockett. / Getty Images

The reboot of ‘Sex and the city‘with three of his four former protagonists has caused people to talk about more than how he has been able to change the life of Carrie Bradshaw since the last movie was released more than ten years ago. Last July, for example, some images of the actress went viral Sarah Jessica Parker and the criticism rained down on her because her gray hair was visible. Given the amount of comments he received the actress decided to respond forcefully to users of social networks.

“There are so many misogynistic comments about us that would never be made about a man, ever”, Sex and The City star Sarah Jessica has responded to her critics, in an interview with the magazine Vogue. “Gray, gray, gray. How is it that he has gray hair?

He also criticized the fact that his best friend and television host Andy Cohen was by his side and he also has gray hair. Nevertheless, social media users only looked at the gray hair of Sarah Jessica Parker and they made no comment on whether or not Andy should dye his hair as well.

The photos that have been published of the filming of the new series’And Just Like That‘ on New York They have also given rise to cruel teasing about Sarah Jessica Parker’s physical appearance and graying hair, as of the other two protagonists, who are all over 50, when recently it was the opposite. The criticism that fell on the stars of Sex and the city It was for allegedly having abused Botox.

“It almost feels like people don’t want us to be perfectly happy with the moment we are in, as if they almost enjoy being hurt by who we are today, whether we choose to age naturally and not have a look perfect, as if we do something to ourselves if that makes us feel better, “he commented. Sarah Jessica Parker. “I know how I am. I have no choice. What am I going to do about it? Stop aging? Vanish?”.

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