SAT clarifies that there will be no sanction for adults who still do not have RFC

For a few months it was reported that the Tax Administration Service (SAT) would do required in this 2022, that tAll those over 18 years of age are registered in the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC). However, the institution has clarified that young adults who do not yet have this tax document will not receive any type of sanction.

In social networks, the SAT detailed that the Tax Miscellany 2022 dictates that young people they will pay contributions and file returns, only if they do any economic activity; but because the RFC registration takes time, “there will be no penalties, fines or sanctions.”

In the event that an 18-year-old person does not have a formal job, “it does not imply that they are obliged to pay taxes or to file declarations.” How we inform you in AmericanPost.News, the SAT made several changes for this 2022, which entered into force since the beginning of January.

Why do young adults need the RFC?

Young people who have some economic activity are those who must declare before the Service / Photo: The Taxpayer The Service ensures that although there will be no penalties, it is important that all adults have this tax document / Photo: Grandstand

Through its statement, the Administration Service explained that the reason why young people aged 18 years or over must obtain their RFC is to prevent identity theft, as well as the benefit it means when doing some paperwork.

“With this proposal, the SAT seeks incorporate young people over 18 years of age into the RFC (to) introduce them to the tax culture, but, above all, protect them from identity theft, since shell companies use them as name-bearers”, Declared the institution.

In addition, the Service recalled that the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) requests the RFC and electronic signature (e.firma) to broadcast professional certificates of recent graduates and graduates in Higher Education. The institute’s message comes after theories of sanctions for the unregistered will circulate.

SAT reports the benefits of the RFC

The Service ensures that although there will be no sanctions, it is important that all persons of legal age have this tax document / Photo: Tribuna

The authority also listed the benefits of the RFC:

  • Data Protection
  • Carrying out procedures and services
  • Assurance of tax identity
  • Digital verification of identity
  • Fight corruption and identity theft
  • Use of the signature, which is a “secure, encrypted file and has the validity of an autograph signature.”

After clarifying that not joining the RFC will not generate sanctions, the SAT commented that young people who are already registered and who do not work, must corroborate that they are registered with the Registration of “natural persons without economic activity”.

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