SAT is updated and these are the new changes

about whether he SAT is updatedit was the same Tax Administration Service (SAT) that announced the change in the electronic invoicing system, which went from version 3.3 to 4.0.

In the most recent version, the most important changes are the mandatory name and fiscal address of both the issuer and the receiver.

SAT is updated

In February 2022, the SAT is updated. If you have doubts you can have a consultation with the SAT.

It was through a statement that the SAT announced the update and detailed that in the case of payroll receipts, workers must provide their employer with their RFC, full name, as well as the postal code of their tax address. registered with the SAT.

“Workers can consult their fiscal data in what is commonly known as RFC Certificates (Proof of Fiscal Situation or Fiscal Identification Card),” the statement said.

These documents can be processed with Password or e.firma (electronic signature) in the following routes:

  • Generate your proof of tax situation
  • Get your tax identification card

If you do not have these means of authentication, you can request them through SAT ID or in the free SAT app of the same name; You will receive a response within five business days of your request.

SAT advice

If you have doubts you can have a consultation with the SAT.

The SAT launched the video tutorial on how to obtain your RFC Certificate in a simple way at:

But he pointed out that in case of doubts or clarifications, taxpayers will be able to enter the Invoice minisite. In addition, they will receive tax guidance at the SAT offices by appointment or call MarcaSAT 55 6272 2778 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:40 p.m.

The SAT granted a transition period until April 30 to use both versions billing in order to adapt to the new needs for the issuance of invoices or payroll receipts,” he said.

Thus, the agency recalled that until April 30, taxpayers will be able to invoice with the electronic invoicing system in version 3.3 that they used in 2021, although the SAT is updated.

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