Satoransky opens the door to hear offers from Europe next summer

Tomas Satoransky (1991) will be ready to hear offers from European teams next summer. This has been stated by the point guard in an interview with the NBA Triple Show program of Nova Sport.

Satoransky, who is in the last year of his NBA contract (earning 10 million dollars) with the New Orleans Pelicans, will be able to choose a new destination as of July 1, 2022. The Czech does not find accommodation in the Louisiana franchise. He averages 2.8 points and 2.3 assists in 31 games, down 16% on triple (his career average is 35%).

«I have days when the frustration is enormous. But you have to endure mentally, “explains Satoransky in the interview. The ex of the Betis and the Barça changed Chicago by New Orleans just after the Olympic Games. Under the orders of William Green his role is now more intermittent. «I usually play between ten and fifteen minutes divided into three or four rotations. That is my biggest challenge, finding the rhythm in a short time. But it is not easy, “says Tomas.

In a league where rotations are often predetermined before the game, Satoransky admits that Green tries to show him his confidence: “He’s a rookie coach, but he communicates a lot with the players. We have spoken several times. The problem is not that I do not want to play with confidence, it is that I need it on a minute basis. They know what I can contribute, “he concludes.

Satoransky lives his sixth season in the best league in the world, has played almost 400 games and has received almost 40 million dollars. The future is in your hands.

Cover photo: Stacy Revere / Getty Images