says goodbye to his dad in a very unusual way

  • A renowned influencer poses in front of her father’s coffin and is criticized
  • Jayne Rivera has gained popularity through her posts on fashion, travel, and swimwear
  • “Funeral photo sessions?” Said an Internet user on social networks

Woman poses father coffin. A young influencer recognized in social networks has caused controversy these days after sharing a series of images that gave us something to talk about and that quickly went viral. The woman was at her own father’s funeral when she decided to send him the last goodbye in the least expected way.

This is the influencer and fitness model Jayne Rivera recognized for her publications on fashion, travel and swimwear. The young woman who lives in Miami, Florida was attacked by her followers when this past Monday she uploaded some photos that caused controversy, where they even branded her “sick,” according to the New York Post.

Woman poses in front of her father’s coffin


It turns out that the woman had suffered the loss of her father, who was a veteran and Rivera did something unusual. The influencer posed in front of her father’s coffin and shared the photos on her social network profile, to dedicate a few words, but that was not to the liking of her millions of followers.

A fitness model has come under fire online after sharing a series of photos posing in front of her father’s coffin, described by commenters as “sick,” “vile,” and “disgusting.” In a separate post shared Monday, the influencer uploaded several photos of herself posing in front of her father’s coffin.

What did users say to the woman posing in front of her father’s coffin?

What did users say to the woman posing in front of her father's coffin?

Jayne Rivera shared a series of photos on her Instagram account, where she also said goodbye to her father: “Mariposa flies away. Rip Daddy, you were my best friend. A life well lived, ”he said in his publication, which was commented on by hundreds of users who criticized the woman.

Since then, the images have left thousands of her followers outraged, and many have criticized her for being “disrespectful.” “Not cool Jayne, your father was a decorated vet, a photo taken next to his coffin should be under you. May he rest in eternal peace ”,“ Funeral photo sessions? Yes ”, said some users.

“Apologize for your lack of discretion” they say to the woman who poses in front of her father’s coffin


It is worth mentioning that in the snapshots Jayne Rivera wears a tight black suit dress with long sleeves and stockings. He looks directly into the camera, smiling in some of the photos, while looking over his shoulder and looking away from the lens in others.

Many followers have unfollowed her and at the same time encourage others not to do the same: “Shit… it’s vile and, to be honest, disgusting”, “The fact that you post something like this tells us everything we need to know about you ”,“ Jayne, delete these photos, apologize for your lack of discretion or I will stop following you and hope others will do the same ”,“ This is a difficult unfollow. May God rest the soul of that man ”, the messages continue.

The woman who poses in front of her father’s coffin deactivates her account

The woman who poses in front of her father's coffin deactivates her account

After receiving hundreds of criticisms for the way he fired his dead father, Jayne Rivera deactivated his Instagram account, since it had gone viral on social networks and not for the reasons that she wanted. Even on the Univision 23 account they shared the news of the influencer and there was also a response from Internet users.

“Happy for the inheritance, why else?”, “I think he was a bad father and only she was taking revenge for his death”, “People no longer have love or feelings for each other”, lost, everything people do for a like “,” When you have nothing in your head or heart, “were some comments.

Strange way of saying goodbye to the deceased

Score a goal from a coffin
Instagram photo

Previously, a totally incredible event has attracted attention on social networks, after a video was shown where a young man already dead, scores his last goal from the coffin, with the help of his teammates, according to the Instagram page of Al Rojo Alive. The late soccer player scored his last goal, before his family, colleagues and acquaintances said goodbye to him at his funeral and has caused so much commotion that the video has gone viral not only in that country, but in various parts of the world.

Only on the Al Rojo Vivo page, until today, September 14, 2021, it already had more than 21,400 reactions of likes and was close to reaching 50 comments from people who sympathized with the tragedy. However, this is not the first similar event that happens, in the Tik Tok application there are other cases that have also had a lot of impact, so later on we will show you. Would you fire someone like that?

Was it his dream?

Instagram photo

Although the event has gone viral, the name of the young man, his age, causes of death as well as the date on which he ceased to exist are unknown, however, the video has not been an impediment to cause sadness in Internet users.

Although it only lasts a few seconds, it is easy to see how all his acquaintances put all their efforts to see that the young man scored his last goal on earth, without having to remove him from the coffin and thus fulfill one of his dreams. Filed Under: Woman Poses Coffin Father

They put the deceased to play soccer

Instagram photo

At the beginning of the video you can see how several young people are around the coffin, in the middle of a covered soccer field and little by little they simulate the start of a soccer game, in order to achieve their goal.

The boys touch the ball, they pass each other to reach the goal, where the coffin of their partner was, already in the area, the last player kicks the ball so that it bounces off the coffin and the ball is embedded in the bottom of the networks. Filed Under: Woman Poses Coffin Father

Scores his last goal

Score a goal from a coffin
Instagram photo

Upon entering the goal line, the attendees shout with euphoria and many throw themselves around the coffin to cry and say goodbye to their friend, who has left them a deep void that they will not be able to fill with anyone else, hence the tribute.

For seconds, you can see that the coffin is covered with shirts of the team for which the deceased boy played, and the kneeling friends cry for him, because it would be the last time his body would be present with them at a soccer game. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Woman Poses Coffin Father

“There’s no respect anymore”

Instagram photo

Upon seeing the video, several netizens immediately released their first comments: “They put the coffin at an angle. So that the ball would go to the goal. Great news ”,“ they are passing now ”,“ now he will play soccer in heaven or in hell ”.

“The ball bounced please what imagination”, “how sad”, “there is no respect”, “how ridiculous !!! Obviously when kicking the ball against the coffin the rebound effect would go to that side of the goal !!! I can’t with so much ignorance ”,“ No maaaaa… no, I thought that the deceased had actually scored a goal, now they have won it ”, said other people. Filed Under: Woman Poses Coffin Father

“What happens to humanity?”

Instagram photo

But other Internet users used the news to mock and use their sarcasm: “Not even Messi, that is a direct goal for PSG”, “what happens to humanity”, for which it generated some criticism from others and apart they were cruel to him media.

The truth is that although it did not seem to some, family, friends and acquaintances saw the farewell as a tribute to a young man whom they considered a good boy, and the video remains as a testimony of the different ways in which people now fire their dead. Filed Under: Woman Poses Coffin Father