Scandal: They assure that Mayweather is bankrupt and that “he spent the money on girls”

Although the American boxer Floyd Mayweatheris recognized as one of the sports figures who has earned the most money during his career, they claim you could be bankrupt for wasting your money excessively.

This The boxer and youtuber Jake Paul assured itbrother of the well-known Logan Paul, in an interview with Rub Moore.

“Floyd Mayweather is broke. I’ve been saying it all along. I think he probably spent it on the girls he pays to be around him.Jake Paul said.

This statement arises precisely because a few days ago, his brother Logan Paul, and Mayweather’s opponent, assured that “The Money” still owes him the money from the last fight.

“A year ago today I faced Floyd Mayweather. It’s hard to beat him, but even harder to collect money from him Who should he fight next? Logan Paul said.

Regarding this situation, Mayweather has not responded.and it is not certain whether what Logan Paul denounces is true.

After six world championships and 50 undefeated fights, Floyd Mayweather has earned a fortune estimated at $450 million dollars.

In fact, it is characterized by show all your eccentricities in social networkswhere he is appreciated with lots of cash, jewelry, cars and mansions.

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