Scarlet Gruber is Julieta Lugo in ‘Si Nos Dejan’, Televisa and Univision telenovela

Scarlet gruber He has played leading and antagonistic characters throughout his career. The Venezuelan-born actress returns with her villains in “If they let us“, But she will be an antagonist who gradually becomes better known.

Gruber plays the character of Julieta Lugo who is characterized by being a beautiful and talented journalist who has become the lover of the great Sergio Carranza (Alexis Ayala). They both have had their romance hidden for obvious reasons: he is married and they are public figures.

Julieta is one of those beautiful and successful women who have not had much luck in love. Julieta is usually a nice, charismatic woman with modern ideas. He likes social life, good food, travel and the notoriety that he enjoys. She is ambitious, but she knows how to camouflage her interest in climbing the road to fame. She belongs to a generation of women who shed the kitchen and the duty of being a housewife.

“Si Nos Dejan” is starring Mayrín Villanueva, Alexis Ayala, and Marcus ornellas. The story presents the life of Alicia Montiel de Carranza (Villanueva), a housewife, who has been believing for 30 years to have a “happy” marriage alongside the renowned journalist Sergio Carranza (Ayala). She gives up her professional dreams, dedicating herself fully to the home and the care of her three children.

Her world will change completely when she discovers her husband’s infidelity, with Juliet (Gruber), a younger woman. Alicia will feel that her life is collapsing, but that unexpected blow will give her the strength she so badly needs to be reborn as a woman, when Martín (Ornellas) appears on her way, a man younger than her, who will give her back the joy to rebuild her life. and will encourage her to fulfill the dreams she gave up.


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