Science tells you how you can fulfill New Year’s resolutions

December arrives and once again the new Year’s resolutions torment people, who still do not comply with what they did at the beginning of 2021.

It turns out that science has explained that the problem It is not what you propose, but rather how you do it, which adds or subtracts as the case may be.

In AmericanPost.News We give you tips to achieve your New Year’s goals and all based on what science says to make them easier.

Science helps you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions

Science helps you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions. What are the most common resolutions?

Science explains that the key to meeting your New Year’s goals is focused on how you pronounce them, as you will have to better focus your efforts to enforce them.

The result will be easier if instead of proposing “stop doing”, you focus on “to do”, as we explain in these examples.

  • I will start eating healthier
  • I will start to smoke less
  • I will start an exercise routine

The negative counterpart of these actions and what You should avoid is:

  • I will quit smoking
  • I will avoid eating bread
  • I will stop fighting with my neighbor

According to various studies, 58.9% of the people who raised their new year’s goals focus-oriented were successful, as only the 47.1% of those who oriented their purposes to avoidance said they had achieved them.

What are the most common purposes?

What are the most common purposes?

Surely among your goals this year you proposed lose weight or exercise, both are together with “eating healthy”, one of the most common requests of this tradition.

  • Improve physical health 33%
  • Lose weight 20%
  • Change eating habits 13%
  • Personal growth 9%
  • Improve mental health / sleep 5%
  • Resolutions on work, studies, smoking, etc. 20%

The new Year’s resolutions They take place every December 31st, just at the time of a “new beginning effect”, which arrives each cycle to mark a change.

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