Scottish teacher had sex with an 18-year-old student during graduation night; she could lose her tuition

Melissa Tweedie was wearing an “inappropriate” outfit at the prom.

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A Scottish high school teacher allegedly had sex with a student on prom night and now faces removal from the teaching record, according to some reports.

Melissa Tweedie wore an “inappropriate” outfit at the eventwhich generated “concern among his colleagues”, during the graduation ball of Gleniffer High School in 2017, at which time she was 23 years old and the student was 18 years old.

A teacher had sex with an 18-year-old student after the graduation party
This is how the teacher dressed during graduation night. (Photo: Instagram mellyflowyoga)

At a Scottish General Education Council hearing last week, the school’s deputy principal, Heather Prentice, recalled that Tweedie was scantily clad the night she and other teachers attended prom. “professionally”.

“I remember that [su atuendo] It was quite baggy, short and low-cut,” Prentice testified, according to The Sun. “It looked like he was going out at night,” he added.

The deputy director also recalled that Tweedie was dancing with a group of “all-male students” at the event and was “reluctant” to leave with the other teachers when the formalities were over.

Instead, the young PE teacher went with some of the students to a nearby nightclub, where she allegedly had drinks with them.

“Can we for a minute act like I’m not a teacher?”Mrs. Tweedie supposedly told the group she was dancing with.

Professor could be banned for life after having sex with a student during his graduation in Scotland
“Can we just act like I’m not a teacher for a minute?” the teacher told her students. (Photo: Instagram mellyflowyoga)

The teacher then escorted the group to a nearby hotel, before she and the 18-year-old student reportedly ended up alone and began making out.

We went downstairs and had sex in my room. She stayed to sleep and we both left at 8 in the morning,” testified the student, whose identity remained anonymous.

A physical education teacher is accused of having sex with a student in a hotel |  TN
She now lives in Dubai and is a yoga instructor. (Photo: Instagram mellyflowyoga)

“I’m so sorry for Miss Tweedie,” the student continued. “I had already submitted my discharge form [certificado de salida de la escuela]. In my eyes, it was not a student event. This could have happened on a night out,” she concluded.

Scottish police have found that no criminal activity took place. Tweedie is now said to work and live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as a yoga instructor.

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