“Sculptural lady” says user when seeing Maribel Guardia with a minishort

to their 62 years old, Maribel Guardia She continues to show why she is one of the most beautiful celebrities in the show, proof of this was a new photo that she shared on her Instagram social account, where she made it clear that she imposes fashion with daring and sensual outfits.

And it is that, the singer also wore a flowered set in pink tones, the tight garment revealed her shapely legs and her small waist. The famous she combined her flirtatious look with pointe shoes of the same color and wore her loose hair.

In AmericanPost.News We have shared the best looks of the Costa Rican actress, even on one occasion Maribel fell in love by showing off her silhouette with an elegant pink dress, as she made it clear that one of her favorite colors is pink.

Maribel received compliments from her followers

The actress shows off her beautiful legs The actress looks more beautiful than ever at 62 years of age

Due to the snapshot that she published on her social profile, the compliments from the gentlemen did not wait long, who have commented that she is a beautiful and pretty woman, another commented that she is a statuesque lady, although one user expressed: “Mamacita !”.

What is Maribel Guardia’s secret to staying young?

The actress looks more beautiful than ever at 62 years of age

Some women have questioned what is the secret of the famous to stay young at 62 years of age, because in an interview she said that her slim figure is not based on miracle diets, but on a balanced diet, avoid sugar and eat carbohydrates in only one of his meals a day.

In the same way, the singer Maribel Guardia revealed that only one day a week she can give herself certain tastes in food, since on Sundays she eats everything such as hamburgers, pizzas, desserts, but she also confessed that she consumes vitamins and minerals and that she eats foods with Omega 3.

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