Sebastián Caicedo’s father dies of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Juliana Diez Duque shows solidarity

Sebastián Caicedo mourns his father's death, sharing heartfelt memories and receiving comforting words from his partner Juliana Diez Duque.

In a solemn declaration last Thursday, actor Sebastián Caicedo shared the somber news of his father’s passing with his followers. The announcement was accompanied by a collection of personal photographs, offering a glimpse into their shared moments. Caicedo’s post was succinct yet heartfelt, conveying deep reverence and love for his late father.

“In your time, sir!!! Fly and rest in peace MaCaCa!!!! I love you!!!,” Caicedo wrote, honoring his father’s memory with these tender words.

Juliana Diez Duque Expresses Support

Amidst the sorrow, Juliana Diez Duque, Caicedo’s partner, extended her support publicly. A newcomer to the actor’s life and an entrepreneur in the textile industry, Diez Duque shared an encouraging message, highlighting faith and love in the face of loss.

“The most beautiful thing about these processes is to be able to see, even in the midst of death, the LOVE and the power of God in the life of a family, to have the CERTAINTY that he is in the presence of the father is something inexplicable, I bless your life, and that of your brothers, may you continue walking together and growing together,” Diez Duque expressed on Instagram.

Diez Duque’s message underscored gratitude to God for the love bestowed by Caicedo’s father, paying homage to the enduring impact he had on his family.

“We thank God for having allowed Don Mauro (your daddy) to have met his love here while he was alive and that he was able from his capacity to bring them that message of love and the spirit of God that transforms, I love you, my love. And a goodbye to MAURO,” she concluded.

A Father’s Battle: The Illness Behind the Loss

Caicedo hinted at a battle with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) that his father faced, suggesting it may have been a factor in his passing. Details were not disclosed, as Caicedo maintained privacy in this difficult time. Visuals shared on Instagram depicted Caicedo’s father with oxygen tubes in recent times, a measure that would have offered him some