Sebastián Rulli boasts in amazement the mansion in which he will live in ‘Los Ricos also Lloran’

The Argentine actor Sebastian Rulli, 46, is enjoying to the fullest his participation in the new version of the soap opera ‘Rich people cry too’ and this was demonstrated with a series of videos that he shared through Instagram Stories.

In the materials you can see the gallant of Angelique boyer sitting on a sofa, while contemplating the majesty of the home where he and all the Salvatierra will live.

“I wanted to show you this area of ​​the house, it is the Salvatierra mansion. Look at the ceiling, give yourself an idea, it is a beauty ”, shared Rulli excitedly.

Although his videos were brief, they lasted long enough to allow us to contemplate the majesty of his home, which stands out for its antique furniture, for its murals, for its chandeliers, for its curtains, for its large windows, for its wooden ceilings and its stone fireplace.

“Well, I’m going to record,” said the actor before ending his video.

Sebastián Rulli showed off the pieda fireplace (Sebastián Rulli / Instagram)

In addition to Sebastián Rulli, Claudia Martín, his co-star, also shared a short clip of the house where some of the most important drama and love stories of the plot will take place.

Televisa and Univision’s new bet will be based on the melodrama starring Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra in 1979, so there is a lot of expectation around it.

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