Sebastián Yatra apologizes to Camilo and Rauw Alejandro, but it seems that everything was planned as a promotion for his new song

Sebastián Yatra began 2022 with the release of his album “Dharma”, with his solo tour.

Photo: Erick Quituizaca / Universal Music / EFE

Sebastian Yatra is being news, because a video was leaked where he appears holding a private conversation, with a famous Argentine celebrity. In the recording, the Colombian singer assured that neither Camilo nor Rauw Alejandro are in love with their respective partners and, after seeing that the news has already gone around the world, the singer answers what happened.

Through his Instagram account, Yatra shared a short in which he is seen checking his cell phone and realizing that his statements were described in various media; however, it all belongs to an advertising strategy.

“Sorry Camilo and Rauw Alejandro, it’s a love affair, I love you very much,” Sebastian wrote next to the video and seconds later you begin to hear what your next single will be and where one of its verses says precisely that the singers do not love their women.

As expected, the publication of the interpreter of “Red Heels” was flooded with comments from his followers, who say they suspected that everything was part of a technique, because they know that he would not be able to offend his colleagues like that.

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