Sebastián Yatra confessed that he sent a song to Luis Miguel, but he never responded

Sebastián Yatra never received a reply from “Luismi” (Photo: Special)

Sebastian Yatra confessed that on some occasion he sent a song to Luis Miguel, but he did not answer. The Colombian singer explained that he was not looking for a collaboration, but his opinion as a composer. However, he received no reply.

The statement was given in the framework of the interview he did The Golden Scorpion to the interpreter of Red high heels Y Steal a kiss from you. Yatra was the most recent invited to the section At the wheel, where celebrities such as Pati Chapoy and Luisito Comunica have participated. At one point he was questioned about the collaborations that he has not achieved and highlighted the name of Luis Miguel.

“I once sent a song to Luis Miguel, but I never had an answer, but not even to sing togetherIt was simply a song … let’s see if he liked to sing, from the composer’s point of view, ”said Sebastián Yatra.

The musician from Colombia explained which song was the one that made him reach Luis Miguel. It was about I miss you, same that emerges from his 2019 album Fantasy. The musical piece is a pop ballad, a musical genre that “El sol de México” has interpreted for years in his musical career.

After that, Sebastián Yatra sang some verses from I miss you. In response, The Golden Scorpion sarcastically commented: “It’s that it looks a lot like Under the table, that’s why he didn’t peel you “. The aforementioned “Luismi” song was part of the album. Romances, released in 1997.

Sebastian Yatra
Sebastián Yatra revealed the cover and back cover of his album “Dharma” (Photo: Instagram) (instagram /)

“One can get creative and say: ‘I would like with the voice of a so-and-so, of a sultana,’ but that is why they fight you,” said El Escorpión Dorado, who asked Yatra about which musicians he has not been able to work with in set. In addition to Luis Miguel, other artists emerged such as J Balvin and Maluma.

Regarding his relationship with J Balvin, Sebastián Yatra explained that the duet has not been given because they have not reached the right song for both. On the other hand, regarding the collaboration with the singer of Happy all four commented: “I have not received a yes”.

Yatra stressed that He sent Maluma one of the songs that will be released on his next album, Dharma. The Colombian did not want to reveal which of the 17 pieces that make up his album the one that sent him. Officially in Dharma artists like Álvaro Díaz, Rauw Alejandro, Manuel Turizo, Myke Towers, Daddy Yankee, Nati Natasha, the Jonas Brothers and more, as published by Sebastián Yatra himself.

Sebastián Yatra has stood out for his multiple collaborations (Photo: EFE / The Walt Disney Company / Richard Harbaugh)
Sebastián Yatra has stood out for his multiple collaborations (Photo: EFE / The Walt Disney Company / Richard Harbaugh) (Richard Harbaugh /)

In another outstanding moment of his participation in the Golden Scorpion channel It was when he declared that he is already preparing his second song with Christian nodal. They previously worked on Tonight from the 2019 album of the regional singer. “With Christian I got along really well.”

“I have another song that I wrote with Nodal that we are recording together with another dear friend. We hope to release at some point, but it’s a brutal song, ”added Sebastián Yatra. However, he preferred to keep the title of it and did not comment further on when it can be heard.

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The interview went viral when Yatra kissed a Mexican fan (Photo: Screenshot / YT stuffed in the case)

The excitement of the fans only increased when Sebastián Yatra said that he also participated Alejandro Fernandez in the composition process. Although the urban genre exponent mentioned that said song was written together with Alex Fernandez, then he rectified that it is “The foal”And not the son of the latter.

The most recent issue of Scorpion at the wheel went viral, as Alex Montiel, artist behind El Escorpión Dorado, he challenged Sebastián Yatra to kiss a passerby. The singer from Colombia did not deny the invitation and agreed. The kiss lasted barely a few seconds, but was criticized due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico.


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