Sebastián Yatra ‘harassed’ one of the Jonas Brothers in a public bathroom. Joe Jonas was peeing when the Colombian greeted him

Although a couple of years ago Sebastián Yatra was able to fulfill a dream by collaborating with the Jonas Brothers, in reality he had met them long before in circumstances that still embarrass him remember. Almost a decade ago, the Colombian singer coincided with them in a bar in New York to which he had managed to enter using a false identity document, since he had not yet turned 21.

Sebastian realized that the three singers were playing pool right behind him, but he did not dare to greet them because at that time he had not yet released his first song and could not introduce himself as a professional colleague.

However, the perfect opportunity presented itself when Joe Jonas separated from his brothers to go to the bathroom, and Sebastian did not hesitate to go after him. The interpreter of ‘Red Heels’ still does not know what went through his head or how he dared to speak to him while they were side by side on the chamber pots, but that was just what he did.

“I was literally peeing next to Joe Jonas. I was the typical guy who talks to a celebrity in the bathroom and asks: How is he? How does he feel? Congratulations! How beautiful what you are doing! He gave me a dirty look, thanked me and left. I felt super bad ”, he has confessed now as he passes through ‘El hormiguero’.

Joe answered tersely and didn’t engage him in conversation, although Sebastian was at least able to shake Nick’s hand before they left the premises; after washing them, of course. The most surprising thing is that, when they met again to record the single ‘Runaway’, he did not hesitate to introduce himself as the boy who had followed him to the bathroom.

“I told him the story and he made the same face at me,” Sebastián acknowledged.

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