Sebastián Yatra in a duet with Rita Wilson on “Til you’re home” from “A man called Otto” soundtrack

Actress Rita Wilson wrote the ballad "Til you're home" for the movie "A man called Otto", starring her husband Tom Hanks, and invited Colombian Sebastián Yatra to perform it as a duet with her.

The actress Rita Wilson invited the Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra so that they both interpret the ballad “Til you’re home” as a duet, the main theme of the film “A man called Otto” whose video clip has just been released on YouTube with success.

It all started when the film’s director, Marc Forster, asked Wilson to write a song that reflected the relationship between the main characters. She accepted and invited Yatra, who said: “I am extremely honored by Rita Wilson’s invitation to join her on ‘Til you’re home for the ‘A man called Otto’ soundtrack. The story behind the film was moving and inspired me to convey that emotion in this song. Overall this project has been very inspiring, and I am proud to be a part of it.”

This is a little-known facet of the 66-year-old actress, who since 2012 has dedicated herself to releasing albums independently. She gave her thoughts on her work with Sebastián on the song, which could be nominated for several awards next year: “There are two Latino characters in the movie; I wanted to find a way to include them. I imagined her as a duet… I’ve loved Sebastián Yatra’s voice since I heard him on “Encanto,” and he was the perfect person to do it. We were lucky that he said ‘yes’ and that all the planets aligned.”

Starring Tom Hanks, Rita’s husband, “A man called Otto will be released in the United States on December 25.