Second season of ‘The Last King’; Who was Patricia Rivera?

There is little left for the start of the second season of ‘The Last King’the unauthorized bioseries that Televisa made about the life of Vicente Fernandez.

As revealed by the show’s own producer, John Osoriothe season based on the book of Olga Wornat will reveal the darkest aspects in the life of the legendary Mexican singer.

The second season is expected to start with the story of Patricia Riverawho for years was romantically related to the interpreter of “Divine women“, all that and more we will tell you below in AmericanPost.News.

Who was Patricia Rivera in the life of Vicente Fernández?

Who was Patricia Rivera in the life of Vicente Fernández? When does the second season of ‘The Last King’ start?

Patricia Rivera is a Mexican actress originally from Saltillo and whose first appearance in the cinema was in 1976 After participating in the contest Miss Mexico beauty, however, it was not until 1978 when he achieved fame thanks to “El Arracadas”, the first film with which he participated and the moment in which he met Vicente Fernandez.

It should be noted that in said production the singer was already a man made in the music industry, so his name and weight had a lot of validity within the mecca of cinema.

In said tape they both had very bawdy scenes managing to transcend the information that their relationship was transferred from the screen to real life.

On this, the relationship with Dona Cuquita went through several crises, however the Vicente Fernandez has established what Shelter covers He was the love of her life and she was even aware of all her adventures.

The scandal with Patricia Rivera broke out until 1987, when the Mexican press reported that they both had a son named Rodrigo Fernandez.

It is even mentioned that Vicente Fernández had already recognized Rodrigo as his son, however, and after 11 years of relationship between the two, when a DNA test was carried out, it was revealed that this was not from the Fernández family.

When does the second season of ‘The Last King’ start?

When does the second season of ‘The Last King’ start?

The controversial production of Televisa about the life and artistic career of Charro de Huentitán begins its second season this Monday, May 16.

In the second season of ‘The Last King’ it has been declared to park the main love scandals that Vicente Fernandez kept out of his marital relationship with Doña Cuquita.

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