Second stimulus check in California: Two-thirds of Californians are eligible

Second stimulus check in California: Two-thirds of Californians are eligible

The California government has stated that the payments will benefit those who have the least.

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Local stimulus checks have been a real relief to many Americans, who will not receive another round from the Biden administration, especially those who they continue to struggle economically with the Covid-19 pandemic and its Delta variant.

California is one of the states that has decided to hand out a second round of local stimulus checks, where almost two-thirds of Californians are eligible according to information released by the government headed by President Gavin Newsom.

In the early spring of this year, the local government released the first payments of encouragement for Californians. At that time, they only focused on benefiting taxpayers who had an annual income of less than $ 30,000, since they were considered economically vulnerable citizens.

In early July, Governor Newsom announced that there would be a second round of stimulus checks, which began to be distributed on Friday, August 27. Thus, taxpayers with children who received the first stimulus payment qualify for $ 500.

Meanwhile, childless taxpayers who did not receive the first payment are eligible to receive $ 600 this time. On the other hand, taxpayers with children who did not receive the first payment can receive up to $ 1,100 by the state authorities.

Unlike the first round of payments, this time applicants must have an Adjusted Gross Income of less than $ 75,000 corresponding to fiscal year 2020 and not be claimed as dependents by another taxpayer.

In addition, the current rules stipulate that all those applicants to the check must have resided in the state for more than half of fiscal year 2020 and be residents of the state on the date the payment is issued, otherwise they will not be eligible to receive the check.

Deposits are expected to be completed on October 15, while physical deposits will be distributed according to the recipients’ zip code starting in October. California is expected to send $ 12,000 worth of stimulus payments as part of the total state stimulus package of $ 100,000,000.

According to a statement from the California government, the money that supports the disbursement of local stimulus checks is supported by “a resurgent economy, an increase in state revenues and additional federal recovery funds“.

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