Security, artificial intelligence, smartwatch: all the news left by Google I/O

The event was broadcast via streaming through Youtube

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Google held the long-awaited event for developers on Wednesdayin which discussed what his next releases will bewhile also revealing what their scientists have been working on.

The company offered information about areas such as computer security and the privacy of its usersareas that have become one of their greatest concerns and in which they have therefore allocated a good part of their investments.

The tech giant also revealed upcoming mobile phone and smart device releases.

Here is a summary of the main new features of Google I/O:

1. Security

google introduced My Ad Center, a tool that will allow users to define what type of advertising they want Google to show them. It also offers them the option to select if they want advertising to not be displayed on a specific type of topic.

Regarding security, they pointed out that from now on all Google accounts will default to 2-step verification enabledsomething that until now could be configured optionally.

Users will now also be able to enjoy a virtual card system that will protect the private data of users when making purchases online.

“Protecting your credit card information is incredibly important when shopping online. Starting this summer on Chrome and Android, when you go to checkout and use autofill to complete your purchase, we’ll protect your privacy and security by creating a virtual card. Virtual cards replace your 16-digit card number with a different virtual number.”

2. Artificial Intelligence

google too announced the creation of Protected Computing, which is a system that uses artificial intelligence to make users anonymous while browsing the Internet to prevent them from being watched.

The company indicated that they hope to use artificial intelligence to improve the results that users receive when performing translations when using their services.

Hereinafter users will also be able to perform multiple searches (multisearch) in which they combine both images and text to obtain more exact results.

3. Products

As part of the presentation, some of the new Google products that will hit the market over the next few months were announced. This includes the Pixel 6A, the latest member of the Google phone family which is the most economical equipment of the company so far.

The same way the launch of the Google Pixel Watch was announced, the first smart watch developed by the company. This device is designed to automatically integrate with Google phones thanks to its Wear OS by Google operating system.

Google Pixel Watch is a natural extension of the Pixel family, providing help when and where you need it.

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