See how many millions of dollars the ‘Jackass’ team spent on hospital bills

For those teens and kids in the early 2000s, the name of ‘Jackass‘sparks nostalgia, laughter, and a giant mental sign that says “Don’t try this at home.” There were only 25 episodes that the series devised by Johnny knoxville and issued by Mtvand $ 24 the million dollars disbursed by the protagonists in hospital bills.

Among the crazy things the team did for the strip, boxer Eric Scott Esch’s famous knockout to Knoxville will never be forgotten; the failed motorcycle trip that caused severe damage to the protagonist’s urethra; Steve-O’s Fire Walk; and the disgusting things reproduced by David England that put physical injuries aside and kept those with sensitive stomachs away from television.

Each test had its consequences. Getting hurt in front of the camera was not just a show but it was, for them, “an art form”. And if there was a premise in the lives of all those who went through Jackass without a doubt it was “the show must go on” since in those two years they disbursed a millionaire sum in medical care and paid the price of fame with their bodies.

Johnny Knoxville: $ 8,663,000

The protagonist of the series was one of those who put his body – and his pocket – the most in each episode. Brain hemorrhage, 16 concussions, irreversible damage to the urethra that leads him to change the urinary catheter twice a day and a hair implant were some of the injuries that ended up in an emergency room and in a bulky bank transfer.

Steve-O: $ 5,820,000

The man who blew himself up for an episode and walked on fire without any precaution had to pay for a skin graft for 15% of his body, seven new teeth, a skull fracture and a long treatment on his vertebrae.

Ehren McGhehey: $ 7,380,000

If there is one person who can boast of the broken bones record, it is McGhehey. During his participation in Jackass, he suffered three neck breaks, four nose breaks, nine operations on his knee and a complete back break, all interventions paid for by the artist.

Away from the millionaire sums of their peers, Dave England had to pay $ 1,650,000 for their little recommended food forays, Jason “Wee Man” Coins $ 675,000 and Preston lacy, the one who invested the least in medicine at that time, $ 75,000

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