Seer reads the ‘totó’ to Melissa Paredes and leaves her in shock: “No one knows the hell you lived with your ex-husband and his family”

HOW STRONG. Melissa Paredes continues to give exclusive content to Mujeres al Mando. And it is that after reveal that she got a couples tattoo with her crush, Anthony Arandathe seer Vivian Arango assured that her ex-husband, Rodrigo Cuba, made her life square.

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The seer rumpologist, who is dedicated to reading the ‘totó’ of celebrities, approached the also actress and felt her butt to read her past and future. “Your derrier type is semi-balcony with an inverted heart. Regrettably a family karma comes from the mother, because your mother has not been happy in love. You have been third generation, this karmic issue comes in your genes”, He warned.

Likewise, he recommended that he get a clean one, otherwise he will not do well in the sentimental field. “This new relationship that you are starting… a lot of people criticized you, accused you without really knowing the truth, what was behind your past. Now, what your future says is ‘go slowly but surely’limited the specialist.

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In this sense, he assured that Anthony Aranda he is a good person and that he is by her side supporting her emotionally and psychically. “You are getting very good support.” Vivian Arango indicated this Thursday in Mujeres al Mando.

“What people talk about you, let it slip, because people have a mouth to criticize but they don’t know the hell you lived with your ex-husband and his family, I don’t mind saying it and it’s not because it’s ‘suck media’, is what I saw”, said the seer leaving Melissa Paredes dislocated.


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