Selena’s widower shares memory

  • Selena’s widower surprised her fans by showing a fond memory
  • In the photograph she appears hugging Selena
  • “He showed me a photo that I had not seen before,” wrote Chris Pérez

THE MEMORY OF SELENA. 26 years have passed since the departure of Selena Quintanilla, but there is not a day that her family does not remember her and wants to share with her followers a little more about the singer. This time it was the turn of Chris Pérez, husband of the deceased Queen of Tex Mex, who shared with his followers a tender photo with the singer.


He has always been proud of the memory of his deceased wife and through social networks, he does not hesitate to leave a photograph of the years when Selena was alive and they were together with The dinos or simply, enjoying their short life as husband and wife; For this reason, his fans always respond favorably and show their affection to the musician.

Chris Pérez photography Selena: Chris’s photography

Chris Pérez photography Selena: Chris's photography
PHOTO: Instagram

Chris Pérez pleasantly surprised his fans when he showed an unpublished photo in the company of his wife, Selena Quintanilla. The musician commented that he was visiting his mother’s house and she showed him an old photograph that she kept of the deceased singer; He did not hesitate to share it on his social networks, saying that he already remembered the snapshot that his mother had taken as a souvenir.

Fans have not hesitated to express themselves through the singer’s social networks, announcing their gratitude and love for him. There was no one who did not express the beautiful couple that they were and above all, how despite the years the singer seems to continue to love his wife and the memory she left behind. Filed Under: Chris Pérez Photography Selena

Chris Pérez photographs Selena: “A photo I had not seen before”

Chris Pérez photographs Selena: "A photo I had not seen before"
PHOTO: Instagram

After announcing that the legal problem he had with the Quintanilla family came to an end and they are on good terms, Chris Pérez seems to want to continue expressing his love for the singer with more force and ensuring that he shows good memories with his followers. A good example is this photograph; although of course, he never needed to be on good terms with his wife’s family when it came to posting photos with him.

“Today I went to my mother’s house and she showed me a photo that I had not seen before. Here it is … I hope you enjoy it ”, reads the description of the snapshot that he presented on his social networks. In the image you can see a very smiling Selena, hugged by her husband while they are looking at the camera; They are both dressed in black and something that is surprising is the lack of makeup on the singer’s face, which made her look much younger than she was. Filed Under: Chris Pérez Photography Selena

Chris Pérez photographs Selena: “Eternal love”

Chris Pérez photographs Selena: "Eternal love"
PHOTO: Instagram

Chris Pérez is constantly reminding Selena. Be it in a song, a photograph or the advertisement of something that has to do with the iconic singer; he always keeps in mind the memory of his wife and the legend she formed. Despite the 26 years that have passed, he never hesitated to show the affection and love he feels for the young woman, who was tragically killed by a shot by Yolanda Saldívar. In the image he shared, the fans left their messages of affection for the singer and praising the couple that he formed with his wife.

“There are stages in life that are never the same again, each one has its moment and without a doubt this was one of the best in life. They look very cute Chris, take care ”, mentioned one of the users. “They deserved much more time”, “thanks for sharing it Chris”, “I can only say, why is life so unfair?”, They commented on their profile. Filed Under: Chris Pérez Photography Selena

Chris Pérez photographs Selena: “They were a great couple”

Chris Pérez photographs Selena: "They were a great couple"
PHOTO: Instagram

Internet users have not hesitated to express the love they have for the couple, remembering the times when they were together and the legacy left by the singer. They have not hesitated to express that both needed more time together to be able to fulfill the objectives they had in their sights, in addition to some emphasizing that Chris could never forget Selena and remained in love with her.

“Chris never left and will not stop loving Selena”, “I imagine the beautiful feelings and sadness that you felt, Selena still lives in our hearts”, “she died loving you”, “there are loves that cannot be forgotten . ”,“ This is so beautiful that you can feel how pure and genuine love was ”,“ it was and will continue to be your great love ”, the fans wrote in the comments. Filed Under: Chris Pérez Photography Selena

Chris Pérez photographs Selena: “Proud of Selena”

Chris Pérez photographs Selena: "Proud of Selena"
PHOTO: Instagram

Hours before posting the photograph next to Selena, the musician spoke about how proud he is of the legacy that Selena and Los Dinos formed, as well as the success they continue to achieve; it was all because Dreaming of you Selena won the Latin album in gold and platinum, so one of the best ways to celebrate was by dedicating a few words to the deceased. Queen of Tex Mex.

“It goes without saying… BUT, I’ll say it anyway… SO proud of Selena, proud of the band Los Dinos (all incarnations), proud of their music, proud of what it stands for…” wrote the one-winner musician. Grammy, through his Instagram account where he shared Selena’s achievement. Filed Under: Chris Pérez Photography Selena

“Thank you for keeping your legacy alive.”

"Thank you for keeping your legacy alive"
PHOTO: Instagram

Chris did not miss the opportunity to thank the fans of Selena and Los Dinos, for the love they continued to have for the singer and to mention that this achievement was also thanks to them for keeping the singer’s music alive. That comment was well received by fans, who enjoyed Selena’s triumph.

“I can go on and on, but I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for keeping his legacy alive,” the singer concluded the message, which was quickly commented on by his followers and colleagues, who shared the good news for Selena’s achievement and congratulated the musician who was part of The dinos.

Selena’s brother also shared an unpublished photo

"This makes me want to cry";  Unpublished photograph of Selena Quintanilla published
PHOTO: Instagram

A couple of days ago, AB Quintanilla also posted an image in the company of his sister, surprising the public. Fans and followers of the late Tex Mex queen remember her through tears, and comment that she always had a very contagious and beautiful smile: “She always had the most beautiful smile of all.”

It was in March 1995 when it became known that one of the most beloved and acclaimed singers by the Hispanic public, Selena Quintanilla, was murdered at age 23 by Yolanda Saldívar, the president of her fan club and her partner, who was in charge of managing her boutiques.

The memory of Selena

Causes tears: Unpublished photograph of Selena Quintanilla is published
PHOTO: Instagram

After this unfortunate event, the memory of Selena Quintanilla continues in the memory of many of her followers, through series and movies, this production being the one that would launch Jennifer López to stardom, and now the singer’s family tries to make her career Selena continues to be among the best in the artistic world.

Of course, as a result of her death, not only high-level productions have come out, but also several unpublished photographs never before seen by the public, where we can once again notice the great love and charisma that was in the deceased singer, causing the nostalgia and sadness of many of his followers.

The photo of the brothers

Unpublished photograph of Selena Quintanilla published
PHOTO: Instagram

On this occasion, the person in charge of showing the public a new, unpublished photograph was his brother AB Quintanilla, who proudly showed off this memory with his sister Selena, while both appeared with a big smile, this being an authentic selfie when they were not even called by that way.

In the photograph, which was shared through the musician’s Instagram account, Selena Quintanilla can be seen in black and white with her already characteristic smile, while her brother was by her side smiling in the same way, showing us that they both shared almost the same gesture.

“Until tears”

Proudly shows off his sister: Unpublished photograph of Selena Quintanilla is published
PHOTO: Instagram

At the bottom of this unpublished photograph of Selena Quintanilla, her brother AB Quintanilla wrote a tender message, bringing out a phrase that was said before every time someone took a picture: “#TBT Say Cheese !!!”, to which the dozens of comments were immediate.

This photograph managed to collect more than 65 thousand Likes just one day after it was published and endless comments, where the musician’s followers “came to tears” when they saw the singer again so happy and smiling, commenting that They really missed her a lot and she certainly had one of the most beautiful smiles of all.

“A beautiful smile”

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Several followers began to comment on the following in the unpublished photograph of Selena Quintanilla next to her brother Abraham Quintanilla 3: “She had the most beautiful smile of all”, “this makes me want to cry, wow, what a beautiful photo, what moments so unique ”,“ they invented the selfie ”,“ this selfie is the best I’ve seen ”.

It should be noted that, it is not the first time that Selena’s brother publishes photographs of the singer, since days later he published another in which his sister appeared singing and pointing to the public during one of his shows, while at the bottom of the photograph he published: “Have a great weekend”.