Self love phrases

“Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”, phrases by self-love how these boost people’s self-esteem, that is why it is essential to know the concept and the importance to achieve it.

This simple idea has been expressed many times throughout history, as can be seen by reviewing several of the most inspiring phrases pronounced or written by influential thinkers and that have survived to this day.

Love is a miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

The person who does not value himself cannot value anything or anyone.

Be true to what exists within you.

AmericanPost.News invites you to continue reading the following note to learn what self-love means, what is its importance and how you can work to achieve it.

What is self-love?

What is self love? Importance of self-love How to achieve self-love?

Self-love, according to psychology corresponds to the concept of love for oneself used from more philosophical approaches. From psychology, self-love has been scientifically conceptualized as self-esteem. It refers to the assessment or estimate that a person has of himself.

In other words, it would be: positive judgment about oneself having achieved a coherent personal framework based on the four basic elements of the human being: physical, psychological, social and cultural.

Feeling good about yourself influences the way we relate to others and our own self-esteem. We suggest the following activities to show love for yourself.

Importance of self love

Importance of self-love How to achieve self-love?

The importance of self-love helps us achieve greater efficiency in the tasks undertaken, gives a sense of capacity, prevents us from giving up easily, reduces fear of ridicule and the need for approval from others, reduces anxiety, sadness and depression, lets build healthier interpersonal relationships and favors independence and autonomy.

When there is a lack of it, there is emotional dependence, which is the belief of needing another person to be well with oneself. It is reflected, for example, in those people who give everything for their partner in a relationship and forget about their own well-being; but also in those who, when leaving a relationship, start with another person immediately without having dedicated time to be well.

How do you work on self-love?

How to achieve self love?

Although the main basis of love towards oneself is created during childhood and adolescence, experiences and personal work during the later years can reinforce or modify our vision of ourselves. According to experts, there are 9 keys that determine a good level of self-esteem or self-esteem:

  • Personal judgment: it must contain the aspects achieved and those to be achieved and the result of the assessment must be positive.
  • Self-acceptance: the person accepts himself with his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Physical appearance: body morphology and physiological characteristics are accepted and integrated.
  • The psychological heritage: the positive acceptance of one’s own personality (thoughts, intelligence, conscience, verbal and non-verbal language, will, vital interpretation, etc.).
  • Socio-cultural environment: refers to the social environment in which the resources of interpersonal relationship are developed.
  • Work: it is important that the work aspect is a source of personal satisfaction that allows us to dedicate ourselves to it with commitment and, at the same time, positively feed back on that dedication.
  • Avoid envy and comparison: this action can diminish personal esteem and is based on superficial evaluations that do not delve into really important personal aspects.
  • Develop empathy: it is a symptom of personal maturity that allows us to understand the facts far beyond a subjective assessment biased by personal perceptions.
  • Altruism: it involves giving to others from a respect for oneself. Altruism is a sign of a high level of personal maturity.

Personal work in the positive achievement of each of these aspects will favor the consolidation of self-esteem and high self-esteem that will benefit our health, and therefore our life, at all levels.

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