Selling dog falls in love on social networks

A German shepherd dog has fallen in love with thousands of Internet users, by performing effectively as “saleswoman” in a hardware storethe viral clip that so far has more than 500 thousand reproductions, was spread on social networks.

The video shows how the dog is next to its owner, but when a customer arrives, it immediately begins to bark as a sign that it is paying attention to the order that has been made, because in its snout it carries each of the requested materials. .

The images of just 4 minutes end when the client appreciates the service they have provided and highlights that it is a very intelligent pet, this unique material has caused a sensation on Twitterbecause it has unleashed endless comments in which they express a lot of love and admiration for the animal.

Puppies in social networks

Tenderloins go viral after doing strange activities Chems is diagnosed with pankryatitis

In social networks there is never a lack of a viral video of some tenderloin doing something out of the ordinary, which often makes them an immediate trend, in that sense, a Spanish citizen used his TikTok account to point out that dogs use their noses to many things, like tracking drugs, weapons, to mention a few qualities, but in the case of his furry friend he uses his nose to smash it on different surfaces.

In AmericanPost.Newswe present to you the viral story of a puppy that turns into an adorable seal when bathed, but other dogs have been very clever when it comes to creating their strategies to achieve their goal, such as the case of a puppy, which he crawled on the ground making people believe that he was injuredwhen in reality it was just his plan for him to be fed.

Chems the star dog in months and social networks

Chems is diagnosed with pancreatitis

The Shiba-inu breed puppy, called “Chems” and the protagonist of numerous memes, has been hospitalized since May 10, as announced by its owners, who reported that it is a terrible pancreatitis, until now it is known that his state of health is delicate.

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