Sentencing of Three Tepito Union Members for Murders of Mazahua Children

The article covers the investigation, sentencing, and reactions to the murders of Mazahua children and related prior cases in Mexico City.

On November 1, 2020, Édgar “N” was arrested while abandoning three plastic boxes containing human remains in Mexico City’s Historic Center. The remains were later identified as those of Alan and Héctor, two Mazahua indigenous children aged 12 and 14 who had been reported missing days earlier.

Investigation and Sentencing

An investigation by Mexico City authorities tied Édgar “N” and two other individuals, Abel “N” and Baltazar “N,” to the murders of the children.

  • Abel “N” was identified as a member of the criminal organization La Unión Tepito who ordered the transport of the victims’ bodies in exchange for drugs.
  • Édgar “N” is believed to have carried out Abel’s orders to dispose of the remains.
  • All three were found guilty and sentenced on February 8, 2023, to 85 years in prison. They will serve their time in Mexico City’s Reclusorio Oriente prison.

Mexico City Attorney General Ulises Lara López announced the sentences and condemned the men’s “despicable acts” against the children. Lara López said compelling evidence demonstrated the three individuals’ participation in the homicides after the minors were first reported missing.

Prior Case Involving Former Politician

In the same February 8 press conference, Lara López referenced an ongoing case in Mexico City against former federal congressman Benjamín Saúl Huerta of the MORENA party. Saúl Huerta is facing charges of raping a minor at a hotel in 2019.

The announcement came two days after Saúl Huerta was sentenced to 22 years in prison in the state of Puebla for a separate case of child rape. Lara López noted that while the Puebla sentence was welcomed, Saúl Huerta still faces prosecution in Mexico City for the alleged 2019 assault.


The mother of Alan and Héctor has stated that her children had no connections to organized crime. Lara López said the three convicted Tepito Union members must also pay the victims’ family compensation for funeral costs and moral damages. Meanwhile, the site on República de Cuba Street where evidence related to the murders was found is undergoing legal forfeiture procedures.